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Zagone Studios 2018 Line-up!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Zagone Presents New Sculpts, New Concepts, New Characters all with the same great Comfort, Fit and Movement! 

Where are your Dragons? Here are your Dragons in exquisite colors. A mask, no a complete vaudeville show. You Big Dummy is a life size ventriloquist mask and an instant comedy routine. 

Alien, Yes, Warrior Princess, Yes, Super Hero, Yes!! Ladies, (and gents) create your own new look with our Helmets! Great for Cosplay and character development. 

Be the chef and the center of the plate in one with BBQ the Pig! 

Dude whose the old dude with the long hair, meet Roadie our latest addition to the super soft line of character masks! 

Last but in no way least meet Carnival Creep. We can never get enough of scary creepy clowns!! 

Keep checking our website as we are adding to our line up daily!!