Moving Mouth Masks | Zagone Studios

Moving Mouth Masks

Zagone Studios features a number of moving mouth masks as their moving mouth feature add to their fun. The mask on this site that are uniquely designed to produce mouth or facial movement are identified as “Moving Mouth.”  CSS excludes from this category standard latex masks that may result in a little movement based on how well it fits the wearer.

Masks that are identified as a sock mask use a cloth head covering as a light weight base. The movement is reliable, but with smaller head sizes a safety pin can be used to tighten the sock at the base of the head to improve the movement.

Harness mask generally have very reliable movement.  The elastic harness fits over the users head and pulls the mask chin against the users chin so when they move the mask moves.

Mask identified as Super Soft utilize a latex that is softer and stretches more than that of most latex masks. It is relatively thin so that it can conform to the users face and provide very lifelike facial movement.

Listed below are just a few of our Moving Mouth Masks!