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Becoming Something SCARY with Zagone Studios! Posted on February 27, 2018 by David Albaugh

Thursday, March 1, 2018

"In 2005, Be Something Studios changed their name to Zagone Studios when Richard and Anthony Zagone took it over. Thankfully, with the name change the level of quality did not change and to this day, you can still get great quality masks at great prices. Every year they present new masks to their lineup and have started to offer some of their classics in new, deluxe re-issues. Not only does it allow you to add their new creations to your collection but if you are like me, and love nostalgia, it allows you to revisit pieces from your youth. I cannot praise Zagone Studios enough as they understand the important aspects of mask making. From reasonable prices to maintaining great quality at all times to understanding the necessity of being able to see and breathe, you will not find a better product anywhere! This is one company that you can order from and never be disappointed!"

~David Albaugh


Thank you "Terror from Beyond the Daves" for this wonderful artlicle.

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